Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get you to shoot my fights?
Easy, all you have to do is ask. While I always try to shoot my friends & team mates, if you see me at a competition just come up to me & ask. I want to shoot people who want their photo taken. At this stage I don’t want to offer pre-paid coverage. You can email or message me before a competition to give a bit of heads up though.

Does the big watermarks appear on my digital file or print when I order it?
No, the watermark only appears on the images in the gallery, not on the final digital image/print.

Could I get your photos edited? Eg: Black & white, etc
You can email or message me.

What’s the difference between the different digital file downloads.
Facebook Sampler: 0.5 MPx ~ 707 x 707 - This is the same as I post on Facebook. So why buy it? It doesn’t have any watermarks. If you don’t want to print the picture, this is perfect for Facebook, digital photo frames, etc. When you buy it, it shows your support so I can continue to cover all these events.

Med Res Jpeg (Personal Licence): 5 MPx ~ 2236 x 2236 – With this image, you can print your own copies at photo quality in most common print sizes(upto 8’x10’) for your own personal use. Businesses/Gyms/Advertisers/Promotions/Magazines/Newspapers THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU

Hi Res Jpeg(Commercial Licence) 12 MPx ~ 3464 x 3464 – With this image, you can print your own copies at photo quality in every print size (upto 20’x30’) for commercial use (Businesses/Gyms/Advertisers/Promotions/Magazines/Newspapers).

How do I get my photos?
When you buy a digital file, you will receive a link immediately to download the image. 
When you order a print, once it has been printed, it will be shipped direct to you within a few days.

How do I pay for the photos?
Payments can be made online through PayPal.

Are you available to shoot other events?
You can email or message me.

How can I keep up to date with latest work?
Check out & like my Facebook page. I post updates there the most or you can follow me on Instagram